Spiral Perm vs Regular Perm

Today, we can see many different hairstyles and shapes all around the internet. People who are bored with the current look of their hair go to a hairdresser or a stylist for change. There are countless styling tools and products such as straightener, curling iron for hair waves, brushes, creams, keratin care, gel, etc. Unfortunately, the effect of these tools and products is temporary. After about 1-2 days or after a shower, the hair returns to its original state. Therefore, long-term solutions are necessary.

Most of the time, firms and stylists come up with chemical treatments, and many people find it very convenient. One of these chemical processes is Perma. In this article, we will explain ”What is a perm?”, ”How is it made?” and what its types are. With using perms, you can create curls on your straight hair, which you can use for a long time. It is an irreplaceable procedure for straight hair. Perma, which was fashionable in the old days, has become fashionable again thanks to its practical usage.

Even if you have straight hair, you can have the curls you want with a perm. Let us talk about the perm process: before perming, the hair should be washed and cleaned. Clean hair is essential to get efficient results. Inıtıally, the perming solution breaks the inner bonds in the inner layers of the hair. This solution is also a crucial step for reshaping. As soon as the hair is wrapped, the styling process begins. After the wrapping step, the hair has to be rested for a while. The hair will become curly after this process. Perming, which maintains its permanence between two months and six months, gradually returns its former shape. You should take care of your permed hair because it will damage your hair. Of course, there are many types of perms as well. Check our brief comparison between spiral perm and regular perm.

If you want to reflect yourself and style, there some aspects that you should consider before you choose between spiral and regular perm. In terms of volume, depth, and shape, both perms differ. For instance, the spiral perm length should be 8 inches from the root meaning, the longer your hair, the better the spiral perm. Regular perm, on the other hand, is a must for short hairstyles.

As for the volume: spiral perm will volumize hair with curls of various sizes or lengths, while regular perm will create a smooth curl pattern and give your hair an overall curly look. Regular perm will also increase the volume of your hair, but this will not be the same as the significant volume provided by a spiral perm. For example, if you have short hair and only want a volume, go with the regular. By choosing a regular perm, you can get a uniform curl with ease. However, you should be aware that the general effect of the regular perm is more subtle than other perms. In case you like corkscrew curls, you should have a spiral perm.

You can have a modern look with tight and bouncy curls. Curl sizes and patterns differ in spiral perm (due to variations), but regular perm curls are uniform. Spiral perm is considered vintage, and those who do spiral hair perm reflect the idea of nostalgia. However, the regular perm is more modern. Another difference between the two perms is the placement of curling rods. The spiral perm is placed vertically on the hair, and when you open the hair, you get messy and tight curls. Thin and long curling sticks are used for uneven curly hair. The regular perm is rolled up straight (horizontally), in neat order. These two perm types are the most important. However, there are also different types of perms. You can request either perm from your stylist or hairdresser, according to your style and the basic shape of your hair.

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