Free LOL Accounts

If you have just started the most played LOL (League of Legends) game in Turkey or you do not have time to accumulate characters, you can enter new adventures by logging into the game from the accounts we provide. LOL accounts are completely free. League of Legends is a moba type and consists of 5 vs 5 games lasting an average of 30 minutes. In the game that you start from the first chapter at the beginning of each game, you are trying to get the Nexus tower of the opponent team by establishing a good strategy with your teammates and you have to fight with both minions and players. At the same time, your minions are fighting both their champions and their minions. The big artillery minion that comes with several waves of minions is key to the win. Therefore, if you want to win games, it is not enough to be a good player, you have to strategically control the minion wave. You have to play the game for a long time to get used to the LOL game mechanics styles. It’s hard to accumulate champions in League of Legends. For this reason, the 2020 free League of Legends LOL accounts we have provided will be a good start for you.

LOL Game Mechanics

In LOL, you start at level one every time the game starts. Your level can go up to 18 in classic normal and classic ranked game modes. You gain experience points by eliminating enemy minions and champions in the game. The experience points required by each level are different, and as the level increases, the desired experience points gradually increase. Each character in the game has three special abilities and a specific ability called ultimate. You need to strategically develop your skill set with hundreds of items you can buy in the game. Since the game is played 5v5, the item and skill ranking is generally based on the synergy of the opposing team and our own team.

Free LOL Accounts

  • Lol free username: Vursdgunp4
    Lol free Password: Pleadssee57
  • Lol free username: omersdsefer123
    Lol free Password:1 0401040ads
  • Lol free username:bu91ds2kucuk
    Lol free Password: ad0sd1b926
  • Lol free username:  losksdaret
    Lol free Password: barbsdar047

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