Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Many people decide to change their hairstyles to look more attractive. Some of them have naturally blonde hair, and many other people want to have it. Most people are trying to dye hair at home, which is dangerous because hair is a substance that can easily be damaged. Also, not every hairdresser can change the color if you have brown or black hair. The dyeing process requires extra care and precision. Especially, platinum blonde hair is the most difficult one because they use oxidant to lighten hair color. When the color of your hair is changed, you must use additional cosmetics to maintain healthy hair. Because whatever shade of blonde hair you choose to apply, your hair may be damaged. As a suggestion, if you don’t want to change your hair but you want to lighten your hair, you can boil chamomile water and then apply it to your hair and finally, dry it in the sun.

Natural Blonde Hair

Natural blonde hair is also the center of attention. Also, if you have blue eyes the attention you get will be more. Natural blonde hair is perceived as a sign of beauty. There are many variations of blonde hair; dark blonde hair, ash blonde hair, dirty blonde hair, golden blonde hair, and platinum blonde hair. Regardless of your skin tone, there is a variation of blonde hair that suits you. If you have wheat-skinned, dark blonde hair is one of the best hair colors for you, for example. Generally, many people think that white skin is a perfect match for blonde hair, but it is just a misconception. If you think dark skin tones are an obstacle to being blonde, you are wrong. One of them is Platinum blonde; It creates a beautiful contrast for dark skin, provided you do not have very dark skin tones. On the other hand, ash blonde is the best option for women with dark skin tones. If you want to look more intriguing, we advise you the Beige Blonde, it will look more attractive with a few highlights that you add to your hair.

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Baby

People tend to find attractive blonde hair and blue eyes because these features are perceived as a rarity. In daily life, you will see those blonde and blue-eyed babies often the center of attention. The main reason for that is babies extremely cute and have the power to raise joyful emotions. Even on the internet, there are tons of cute baby videos, which millions of people viewed. Interestingly, most of these videos include blonde and blue-eyed babies. Since blonde hair and blue eye are rare and signs of beauty in general perception, people unconsciously attract to them.

How rare are blonde hair and blue eyes?

Do you know what percent of the world has blonde hair and blue eyes? These features are a minority in the global picture, it is surprising, but the probability is indeed just 0.017%. Let us look at the percentages in the U.S, which will definitely shock you. . Naturally, blonde-haired people in the U.S. cover roughly 12%. The blue-eyed Americans are about 17%. According to the statistics, the percentage of Americans who have a combination of naturally blonde hair and blue eyes even less. In Summary, we can label blue eyes and blonde hair as ”rare” according to the statistics.

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